Writing Commercial Music

Writing Commercial Music

Ever wanted to get into writing for tv commercials?

Language: english

Instructors: Elib

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Why this course?


6 videos over many hours of content.
Self-paced course.
Break down of how commercial music sound.
Full production course from start to finish.
What's your brand (company/ artist) name?
Course content designed by Elib (Music Production Instructor).

Course Curriculum

Writing Commercial Music
WC 1 The Case Study of Commercial Music (18:00)
WC 2 Starting With Bassline (108:00)
WC 3 Adding Guitars (12:00)
WC 4 Filling The Track Up (14:00)
WC 5 Arrangement The Track (51:00)
WC 6 Finish Line (21:00)

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